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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Friends of DCRO

The Friends of Durham County Record Office (FODCRO) is a voluntary organisation, formed in 2001 to promote and support the work of the Record Office.


  • To promote and encourage public interest in the history of Durham County
  • To promote the preservation, security and accessibility of relevant archival material
  • To promote public awareness of the work of Durham County Record Office
  • To support the Record Office in identifying and obtaining external funds for the benefit of users
  • To assist the Record Office staff in the maintenance and improvement of archival services and facilities
  • To co-ordinate voluntary help in support of the Record Office, in conjunction with the staff.

FODCRO Committee

FODCRO has a small but effective management committee which meets about five times a year at County Hall, Durham. The annual general meeting (AGM) is open and non-members are welcome to attend. All members have the opportunity to forward nominations to the AGM for officer posts and committee members.

To date we have not felt a need to apply for charitable status but will consider it when appropriate.

Support and fundraising

Friends of Durham County Record Office (FODCRO)
 FODCRO has already contributed both voluntary efforts and funds towards increasing the accessibility of family history information within the Record Office.

We are often asked how much money we have contributed towards improving the services and collections in the Record Office since we came into existence in 2001. The total sum as of the end of January 2017 is £23,834. This includes £13,590 towards the purchase of original archive material and £5,653 towards the purchase of new equipment.

We are currently fundraising to assist with the purchase of a volume of Londonderry family correspondence for the Record Office.

 FODCRO has already bought several collections of records, including:

  • Shafto family (of Bobby Shafto fame) diaries and scrapbooks
  • Photographs of railway stations in the North East
  • Pease family (of Darlington) papers.

We are determined to continually assist the Record Office and its staff in any way feasible. In doing so we will also assist the users of the data and services of the Record Office.

Parish register indexes

We produce geneaological indexes of parish registers for use in the Record Office search room. We also offer FODCRO parish register indexes for sale on the Parish Chest website. Members can buy these at a discounted rate, offering the chance to achieve savings that offset membership subscriptions.

Find out what indexes we sell on the FODCRO website.


Our current membership, which extends as far afield as Australia and North America, is around 110 and, as a developing organisation, we are confident of our numbers continuing to grow.


Every member receives a newsletter, currently issued twice a year and covering an excellent range of topics. A list of members' interests is maintained on the FODCRO website and each member may submit interests of their own and, if they wish, submit items for the newsletter.

Annual subscription

Our annual membership subscriptions are currently:

TypeUK PriceOverseas Price

Contact FODCRO

If you wish to join us, or make a donation to help our work,  please make cheques payable to FODCRO and send them to:

c/o Durham County Record Office
County Hall

Visit our website at