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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

The 1:2500 Map Series

Interactive mapping which allows you to overlay historic Ordnance Survey maps and aerial surveys onto present day maps covering the historic County Durham area.

In 1854-1857 County Durham was surveyed by the Ordnance Survey and a series of maps at a scale of 25 inches to the mile (1:2500) was produced. An updated edition of these maps was produced in 1894-1897, a third edition in 1914-1919 and a fourth edition (but only of certain maps) in 1938-1942. 736 maps were required in each edition to cover the entire county.

Online Reference Number Search

Search the online map below to find out which map (i.e. Ordnance Survey reference number) covers a particular town/postcode in the local area. Although it is not possible to show the original 1:2500 maps here, you can use the reference number in the Record Office where most are available to view; alternatively copies of the 1:2500 map series can be supplied.

Select Local Area

To begin enter a postcode and click 'Search', or make a selection from the town/village drop-down list. Then use the 'information tool' (i) to select an area of the map and reveal the reference number.

Adjust the map scale (1:10,000 or below) to enable options for historical maps (and aerial photographs). Note that the historical maps displayed here are 1:10560 scale, from various dates. You can get help with interactive maps to learn more about map tools and about all of the map options available.

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Other Map Searches

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