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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Durham at War

Information about our First World War centenary project, Durham at War. This is a major volunteering project, led by Durham County Council and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

About the Project

The aim of this project is to gather and connect information about the people, places, events and objects associated with the First World War (WW1) in the historic county of Durham, between the Rivers Tyne and Tees. Coverage includes the area to the south west of the present county that was in Startforth Rural District, Yorkshire North Riding, during WW1.

We are asking volunteers for help to collect as much data as possible, check its accuracy, and organise it so that it can be linked to the interactive mapping on the Durham at War website. This will bring together a wide range of sources and help communities to explore their past and prepare centenary commemorative events.

Our research into the German submarine attack on Seaham, 11 July 1916 shows how several pieces of evidence can be linked to tell one of the many stories about County Durham during the First World War.

The Durham at War website contains over 5,000 stories and related material such as diaries and letters, which our volunteers have transcribed to make them easier to read. It also publicises First World War centenary events and ongoing research projects in the 2014-18 centenary period.

Volunteers can contribute to stories about individuals or specific events, and research topics such as hospitals or how the collieries kept working with so many men serving overseas.

The Durham at War website went live in August 2014 and volunteers can contribute information and photos online until at least 2018.

Read more about how to volunteer and the volunteer activities associated with this project. You can also find our volunteering policy online.

See the Durham at War blog for weekly news about this project.