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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington


Information about local newspapers in Durham County Record Office and elsewhere.

Local Weekly Newspapers Held Here

All newspapers are on microfilm and to see them you must Make an appointment and book a microfilm reader.

Auckland Chronicle (1868-1970) M61/1-155
Auckland Mercury (1875-1878) M71/1-3
Auckland Times (1862-1910) M60/1-18
Auckland Chronicle - Aycliffe edition (1964-1970) M61/217-227
Bishop Auckland Herald (1854-1856) M56/1
Blaydon Courier (1947-1963) M75/1-10
Consett Chronicle (1923-1969) M61/53-77, 103-106, 115-215
Consett Guardian (1937-1970) M72/1-23, M61/213-217
Durham Advertiser (1814-1985) M1/1-156
Durham Chronicle (1820-1970) M57/1-117
Peterlee Chronicle (1969-1970) M57/151-153
Seaham Weekly News (1938-1969) M57/118-151
South Durham & Cleveland Mercury (1870-1906) M73/1-26
South Durham Herald (1868) M63/1
Spennymoor Times (1875-1878) M61/1-3
Stanley News (1914-1970) M61/33-90, 102-185
Washington Chronicle (1968-1970) M57/112-118

See our online Westminster Press catalogue for full details of these newspapers. 

Newspapers Held Elsewhere

You will not find daily newspapers in the Record Office. There are copies of daily and weekly local newspapers in the following libraries:

Local Newspapers Online

You can view copies of the Teesdale Mercury newspaper from 1855 to 2005 on the Teesdale Mercury Archive website.

You can also find information in The British Library Online Newspaper Archive.