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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

How Much Do Copies Cost?

Information about copying charges at Durham County Record Office.

When you visit the Record Office it is free to read the archives and make notes but we make a charge for any copies that are made. If you are unable to visit you can order copies from us.

See a list of our current Fees and Charges (including VAT at 20%) in the General Guides section of our Information Leaflets.

The money raised from copying charges helps to sustain our information service to the public in a period of continuing austerity for Durham County Council.

The following information is arranged in two sections, covering the charges for:

  • Copies made by you in the Search Room
  • Copies made by us

Details of the charges for popular copying orders will be added soon.  Please contact us if you need help or a quotation for copying.

Copies made by you in the Search Room

Copies from Microfilm

You can make A4 copies from microfilm and microfiche on the self-service microfilm reader-printer.

Copies cost £0.50 per A4 sheet.

Please bring enough small change with you. The mini-vend machine takes all coins from £1 to 5p. It does not give change.

Prints from Public Access Computers

You can make prints from all six public access PCs in the Search Room.

Copies cost £0.50 per A4 sheet.

Pay for these at the Search Room desk.

Using your own Camera

A one-day permit costs £15.00.

You can use a hand-held camera (no flash photography) but exclusions apply.

What you cannot photograph yourself:

  • microfilms
  • photographs
  • Ordnance Survey plans
  • tithe plans
  • records with restricted access
  • more than a chapter from a printed book that is still in copyright

Why can't I photograph everything myself?

We don't allow you to photograph popular records that we have already digitised to protect them from excessive handling, records that need conservation, and records that are subject to legal restrictions such as copyright and data protection. There is a reader-printer for making copies from microfilm.

Copies made by us

You can order copies from Durham County Record Office if you are unable to visit or you need us to make photocopies for you during your visit. To protect the archives all photocopying is done by a member of staff.

We use a range of equipment (overhead camera, book scanner, flatbed scanner, photocopier, microfilm reader-printer) to provide you with a good quality copy without damaging the original document in any way.

How we copy a document will depend on its size and format.

If you order multiple copies we will charge you the hourly/daily rate as soon as this becomes the cheapest option.


A3/A4 copies made by staff, where the order is made and collected in the Record Office, cost £0.50 per copy.

A single copy made by staff and scanned to email or sent by second class UK post  costs £5.00 per copy.

Multiple copies made by staff and scanned to email or sent by second class UK post:

  • Up to 9 copies - £5.00 per copy
  • 10 or more copies - hourly/daily rate 

Large orders are charged at our hourly/daily rate (£48.00/£300.00). Please ask for a quotation for copying, plus postage and packing if required.

Digital Copies

We can supply digital copies as jpeg images by email, web transfer or by post on a CD.

  • Document up to A3 (297 mm x 420 mm)    £6.00
  • Document up to A1 (594 mm x 841 mm)  £12.00
  • Document over A1                                     £20.00
  • Hourly rate                                                  £48.00
  • Daily rate                                                   £300.00

Large orders are charged at our hourly/daily rate (£48.00/£300.00). For example:

  • Up to 8 digital copies (document up to A3) - £6 per copy
  • 9 or more digital copies (document up to A3) - hourly/daily rate

Please ask for a quotation for copying, plus postage and packing if required.

Quick Search and Copy

Quick Search is a new addition to our Research service. It covers a brief search for a single entry in a single document in our records. 

For example, we will search a single year in a parish register or a specific address in a census or electoral register. Newspaper searches are limited to a single issue.

Quick search also covers a copy of a timeline for a Durham Light Infantry battalion.

  • Quick search and provision of a standard copy                              £5.00
  • Quick search and provision of a certified copy                              £12.00   
  • Quick search and provision of a high quality colour digital copy  £12.00

If the information covers more than one page the charge is £5.00/£12.00 per page (single charge of £5 for a DLI battalion timeline ).

Copies are supplied by email whenever possible, or second class UK post.

Research Service

Use our Research service to order document copies as part of a longer or more complex enquiry that requires professional research time.

  • Research service (1 hour)                           £32.00
  • Research service (additional 30 minutes)   £16.00 
  • Research service (additional 1 hour)          £32.00

We will respond to your enquiry by email/email attachment whenever possible, or second class UK post.

Ordnance Survey and Tithe Plans

You can order copies of Ordnance Survey (OS) plans that are over 50 years old, and tithe plans.   

  • Digital copy                                                                       £12.00
  • A3 print ordered and collected only in the Record Office   £5.00

Large orders are charged at our hourly/daily rate (£48.00/£300.00). For example:

  • Up to 4 digitized OS or tithe plans - £12.00 per copy
  • 5 or more digitized OS or tithe plans - hourly/daily rate

Please ask for a quotation for copying, plus postage and packing if required.

Digitisation Service

We offer a specialist copying service for your own books, prints, maps, photographs and documents. Please contact us for a quotation.

  • Hourly rate    £48.00
  • Daily rate    £300.00