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Book List - Second World War

List of books about the Durham Light Infantry (DLI) at war in 1939-1945.

Regimental and Battalion Histories

Rissik, David, The DLI at War (1952). Detailed account of all DLI battalions at home and overseas during World War Two (WW2), with maps, photographs and index.

Ward, S G P, Faithful: The Story of The Durham Light Infantry (1962). History of the DLI from 1758 to 1958, with detailed WW2 section, plus maps and index.

Moore, William, The Durham Light Infantry (1975). Famous Regiments series. Popular history of DLI with brief WW2 section, plus photographs and battle honours.

Sadler, John, Dunkirk to Belsen: The Soldiers' Own Dramatic Stories (2010). Based on the Imperial War Museum's collection of recorded interviews with DLI veterans.
2 DLI: Moses, Harry, For Your Tomorrow: A History of the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry 1919-1955 (2013). Based on war diary, personal accounts and oral history interviews, with photos and maps.

2 DLI: Shannon, S D, Forgotten No More: 2nd Battalion DLI at Kohima 1944 (1994).  Based on War Diary and personal accounts, with sketch maps and photographs. Full Roll of Honour, April - June 1944.

6 DLI: Moses, Harry, The Faithful Sixth: A History of the Sixth Battalion The Durham Light Infantry (1995; reprinted 2011). History of 6 DLI from 1860 to 1968, with detailed WW2 section based on war diary, personal accounts and oral history interviews, plus maps, photos and index. 
8 DLI: Lewis, P J & English, I R, 8th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry. 1939-45 (1949, re printed 1990 as Into Battle with the Durhams) Based on war diary and personal accounts. Excellent with maps, photographs, Roll of Honour, medals, index.

9 DLI: Moses, Harry, The Gateshead Ghurkas: A History of the 9th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry, 1859-1967 (2001). Detailed WW2 section based on war diary, personal accounts and oral history interviews, with maps, photographs, awards and index.

16 DLI: Stringer, L E, The History of The Sixteenth Battalion The Durham Light Infantry. 1940-1946 (1946, re printed 1991).  Based on war diary. Good with maps, Roll of Honour, lists of officers, medals, index.

16 DLI: Hart, Peter, The Heat of Battle: 16th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry 1943-1945 (1999). Excellent history based the Imperial War Museum's recorded interviews with 16 DLI veterans.

Divisional Histories

46th Division (16 DLI): Author unknown, The Story of 46 Division. 1939-1945 (1946).  Good with maps, photographs, order of battle, medals.

49th Division (10 & 11 DLI): Hughes, F K, A Short History of the 49th West Riding & Midland Infantry Division(1957). 

49th Division (10 & 11 DLI): Delaforce, P, The Polar Bears: From Normandy to the relief of Holland with the 49th Division (1995).

50th Division (6, 8 & 9 DLI): Clay, E W, The Path of the 50th: The Story of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division in the Second World War. 1939-1945 (1950).

Honours and Awards

McGregor, Malcolm, Honours & Awards to The Durham Light Infantry (2003). Details of all British and Foreign honours and gallantry medals awarded to the DLI, plus London Gazette references and citations where known.

Victoria Cross

Shannon, Stephen D, Beyond Praise: The Durham Light Infantrymen who were awarded the Victoria Cross(1998). Illustrated biographies of the eleven DLI soldiers awarded the VC, including Richard Annand and Adam Wakenshaw.

Prisoners of War

Moses, Harry (with Major I R English), For you Tommy the War is over: The experiences of the Durham Light Infantry Prisoners of War during World War II (2006). The story of DLI POWs during WW2 based on personal accounts and oral history interviews, with photographs. 

English, Ian, Assisted Passage: Walking to Freedom Italy 1943 (1994). Vivid personal account of escape in Italy. The author served with 8 DLI. Awarded the MC and two bars.

Officers' Biographies

McGregor, Malcolm, Officers of the Durham Light Infantry, 1758-1968, volume 1: Regulars (1989). Includes brief biographies of every DLI Regular officer who served during the Second World War. Note: The author had researched further volumes on the officers of the DLI's Militia, Reserve, Territorial and Service battalions, but no other volumes were published.