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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Transcript of Digest of Services, June - August 1910 (D/DLI 2/2/15)

Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

" Major. W.T. Buck is placed on retired pay. Dated 23-5-10. Gazette 24-5-10

L.G. Norton to be 2nd Lieutenant vice Lieut. H.W. Festing appointed Adjutant of the 1st Battalion.

2nd Lieut. L.G. Norton is posted to the 2nd Battalion.

Captain. H.H.S. Morant to be Major vice W.T. Buck retired. Dated 23-5-10. Gazette dated 7-6-10.

Captain. J.H.Wood from the Seconded List (Northern Nigeria Regiment) is attached to the Battalion pending absorption.

June 16th. The Battalion is inspected by Brigadier General F.C. Carter. C.B.

Lieutenant. G.W.F. Philipps is transferred from the 1st to the 2nd Battalion, but is posted to the 4th Reserve Battalion for a tour of duty and does not actually join the Battalion.

Major. E.St.G.Pratt. D.S.O. to be Brevet Colonel, dated 23-7-10. Gazette 22-7-10.

Lieutenant. G.F. Hudson-Kinahan from the seconded list (6th King's African Rifles, Somaliland) is attached to the Battalion pending absorption.

The death of Bandsman J.F. Durham took place at the Military Hospital, Fermoy on 8th August.

Bandsman Durham, was a Soudanese, and was picked up when a child a few months old, by the Battalion in a skirmish which took place in January 1885 shortly after the action of Ginniss. He was brought up in the Battalion and when 14 years old permission was obtained to enlist him in the Band. He always proved a universal favourate and his loss was much regretted by all ranks in the Battalion.

On the 10th August a light entrenching tool is issued to the Battalion. The head of the tool is carried..."