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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Transcript of Durham County Advertiser, 12 February 1915

Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

(D/WP 1/76)


On Tuesday se[ven]n[ight]., a recruiting meeting was 
held in the hall of the Social Club and Insti-
tute, Langley Moor, presided over by Mr
D.H. Pearson. - Lieut[enant]. Lisle said that re-
cruiting in the county of Durham had been 
very brisk, but more men were needed, and 
he trusted that many of the young men 
present would consider it their duty to join
the colours. The 8th Reserve Battalion Dur-
ham Light Infantry, now stationed at Seaham
Harbour, needed more men to replace those 
who had gone abroad, and they also needed 
300 men to form the nucleus of a new battal-
ion. - Councillor Barron reviewed the events 
that had led up to the war, and exhorted the 
young men present to step forward at the close
of the meeting and give in their names to Mr
Guest Williams, who was duly authorised to 
enlist them. Lord Kitchener's Army was a 
credit to the country, and had done all that 
was expected of it. By the revised scheme
a married man joining the colours will be 
entitled to 17s 6d per week, instead of 15s, 
and when he came back from the war would be 
entitled to 25s per week as long as he lived 
if he was unable to work. The Government
would be under a moral obligation to look 
after the interests of the men who had taken 
up arms in the defence of their country. - 
Councillor Brass also made a stirring address, 
and said it would be a sad day for England 
should Germany succeed in placing her iron 
heel and mailed fist upon the people of this 
country. The only way to prevent this, and 
also a recurrence of the disgraceful things 
that had happened in Belgium, was a strong 
Army and an efficient Navy, and he trusted 
the youth and manhood of the country would 
come forward in sufficient numbers during 
the present crisis. - Votes of thanks to the 
speakers and chairman brought the proceed-
ings to a close. - Lieut[enant]. Lisle and Councillor 
Brass also addressed an audience at the 
Hippodrome Picture Hall, which Mr Bury 
the manager, had most generously placed at 
their disposal.