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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Transcript of the Durham County Advertiser, 15 January 1915

Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

(D/WP 1/76)



A large and influential meeting of gentlemen
representing the Durham County Parlia-
mentary Recruiting Committee took place 
at the Shire Hall, Durham, on Tuesday after-
noon. The chair was occupied by the Earl of
Durham, K.G., who was supported by 
Sir Eric Swayne, K.C.M.G., C.B., repre-
senting Major-General Lawson, C.B., of York, 
and Commanding Officer of the Northern Com-
mand; C.R. Barrett, Esq[uire]., Chester-le-Street;
Major W. Thomlinson, Sir Harold Elverstone, 
M.P., Gateshead; Ald[erman]. J. Samuel, M[ember of] .P[arliament]., 
Stockton; Malcolm Dillon, Esq[uire]., Seaham 
Harbour; Col[onel]. Rowland Burdon, Col[onel]. H. 
Doughty, Capt[ain]. E.O. Bennett, Major Byrne, 
Capt[ain]. J.E. Rogerson, U.A. Ritson, Esq[uire].,
the Mayor of Durham (Councillor P.J. Waite),
the Mayor of Gateshead (Ald[erman]. Wardill), Ald[erman]. 
S. Galbraith, H.A. Raine, Esq[uire]., John Ness,
Esq[uire]., J.P. (Sunderland), W. Millburn, Esq[uire].
(Sunderland), J. Butterfield, Esq[uire]. (Sunder-
land), J.A. Raine, Esq[uire]., jun. (Sunderland), 
J.L. Watson, Esq[uire]. (Gateshead), Dr. Leach
(Gateshead), Dr. Gibbon, J.P. (South Shields),
G.B. Hodgson, Esq[uire]. (South Shields), Martin 
Eddy, Esq[uire]., Councillor W. Thwaites, Coun-
cillor T. Colpitts, W.J. Ingram, Esq[uire]., with 
Mr Ja[me]s. Corry (Newcastle), Mr F.W. Slater 
(Durham), and Mr. T.W. Dowson (Crook), hon[orary].

The meeting was held in private, but the 
following information was afterwards com-
municated to our representative.

The following Committee was constituted:-
The High Sheriff of Durham (F. Priestman,
Esq[uire].), C.R. Barrett, Esq[uire]. (chairman), John
Wiseman, Esq[uire]. (vice-chairman), A.B. Horsley,
Esq[uire]., J.P. (hon. treasurer), and the three
honorary secretaries.

After the minutes had been read, Lord
DURHAM briefly referred to the action taken 
by the committee respecting the formation 
of a Bantam Battalion, and that in cones-
quence a resolution after the last meeting had
been sent to the War Office asking them to 
sanction steps being taken for the purpose of 
recruiting men for such a battalion in the 
county of Durham. His Lordship then read
to the delight of those present a telegram from 
the War Office stating that they were prepared
to sanction the formation of a Bantam Bat-
talion for the county of Durham as soon as the
necessary conditions were complied with. He
moved that such a battalion be raised for the
county subject to the War Office conditions, 
and that the same be left in the hands of a 
sub-committee to be forthwith appointed.

Mr C.R. Barrett seconded the resolution, 
which was carried unanimously.

The sub-committee appointed comprised the 
officers of the committee, together with the 
High Sheriff of the County, the honorary secre-
tary of the Durham Territorial Association, 
Col[onel]. Rowland Burdon, Major Thomlinson,
Dr. Gibbon, Ald[erman]. J.G. Harbottle (Darlington),
Sir H. Elverstone, M[ember of] .P[arliament]., Lord Barnard, Sir
Lindsay Wood, Malcolm Dillon, Esq[uire]., Sir 
Walter Runciman, M[ember of].P[arliament]., Ald[erman]. J. Samuel,
M[ember of].P[arliament]., U.A. Ritson, Esq[uire]., J.P., J. Ness, Esq[uire].,
J. Raine, Esq[uire]., and J. Houston, Esq[uire]. (Chop-

Col[onel]. Swayne then addressed those present 
upon what the necessary action would be
for the committee to take as soon as sanction 
was received from the War Office.

The committee will then at once proceed to
secure accommodation for the men to be 
recruited, the providing of headquarters, and 
other accommodation. The men can be en-
rolled at once, but they will not be attested 
until such accommodation has been secured.
The minimum height will be 5ft., and the 
maximum 5ft. 3in., and chest measurement

The committee were authorised to take 
steps to secure this accommodation, and 
to make financial arrangements so far as feed-
ing and clothing of the men are concerned.

It was also decided to raise a guarantee fund 
for preliminary expenses.

We understand that the battalion will con-
sist of over 1,300 men, and that towards this 
number several hundred names have already ....