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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Transcript of the Diary of Sergeant John Barclay near Amiens, February 1917

Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

(D/DLI 7/41/3)

 "18 Quinquagesima Sun[day] [February 1917]

19 Mon[day] [February 1917]
Night - relieved
150 M[achine] G[un] C[orps] - H[ead] Q[uarters] sig[nal]s &e
went up in evening
Wet trenches.

20 Shrove Tues[day] [February 1917]
Guns [took deleted]
Relieved 150 Co[mpan]y in early M[orning]
- we took over at 6 a.m.
Dugout half Fr[ench] 
half German

21 Ash Wed[nesday] [February 1917]
Maj[or] Grierson to H[os]p[ita]l
- poisoned hand. M[iste]r Hervey - O[fficer] C[ommanding] 
Cards each day

22 Thur[sday] [February 1917]
Trenches get worse
- waist deep in mud & water
at places - going to dump.

23 Fri[day] [February 1917]
L[ieutenan]t Hervey w[oun]d[e]d.
2nd L[ieutenan]t Landels in com[man]d.

24 Sat[urday] [February 1917]
On ration party
again - wet up to

The Red Cockade - Stan Weyman"