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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Transcript of a Letter from Lieutenant Frederick ('Eric') Rees to his Mother, 6 August 1916

Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

(D/DLI 7/560/4)

Dated Aug 6 Received Aug 10

To Mother

at last I have a chance
to get a letter off. I expect you
have been looking out for one.
Well little Mother at last I
really have got a little news.
I have been one of the lucky
ones & have what we call a
nice cushy little wound in the
leg, quite a nice one, & I am
[new page]
now settling down to enjoy it.
Now you are not to worry because
I am not hiding anything or
just making the best of it to
you. I am really quite
alright & as comfortable as
the proverbial parasite. 
We were up in the front line
& had had a fairly warm
night of giving old Mr Boche
a warmer one & about 2.P.M
Saturday, were just thinking
of being relieved by another
reg[imen]t when a few shells came
over & a bit caught me in
the left leg above the knee
a shrapnel bullet which by the
way are round so it made quite
a clean little hole. I rang
up the Adjutant on the
phone (sounds quite civilized
doesnt it) told him I was
[new page]
caught & made my way back to
the Doctor further down the
trench, he bound me up & then
sent me out to a village
about a mile behind, from
there in a motor ambulance
about 4 miles to a dressing
station where I had some
tea & then again by motor
ambulance for a 2 h[ou]rs journey
right back to a hospital
where I am now. I arrived
just about dark last night;
was rebandaged & retired
to bed & had the best night's
rest I've had for some time.
I am now reclining in bed
feeling quite bucked with life
having had a good breakfast. We
expect to go away again to-day
by train to the Base Hospital
probably Rouen but am not sure"