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Children Who Died

Here is a photograph (below, left) of Sergeant-Major McBain with his son Hugh, before he died. This is a photograph (below, right) of a memorial to the men, women and children who died while the battalion was at Ghorpuri Barracks and Wanowrie.

Sergeant-Major McBain with Hughie, n.d. [c.1888] (D/DLI 7/426/152(1)) - Copyright © Durham County Record Office
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Memorial to dead at Ghorpuri (D/DLI 7/898/3(5)) - Copyright © Durham County Record Office.
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Both of these places were in Poona, India. If you look at the bottom of the memorial photograph, you will find a list of those who died.

There are two separate lists of children. See if you can find Hugh James McBain (you may find him listed as Hugh). If you can't read the image, click here for a transcript of the memorial (D/DLI/7/898/3/5).

But what about those that lived? Did Sergeant-Major McBain's children like living in India? What did they like about it? Or not like? Let's see if we can find out more about his children in later life and their life in India.