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Children in Later Life

One of Sergeant-Major McBain's children, Hubert, grew up and joined the DLI himself. He wrote an account about his memories of growing up in India. This an extract from his account:

McBain account – India (D/DLI 7/426/4 p.4)

If you can't read the text in the image, see the transcript (D/DLI/7/426/4 page 4).

Try to answer these questions:

  • Where did the families go in hot weather?
  • What did they live in when they got there?
  • What did his father bring home 'twisted around his rifle'?
  • Can you name two sorts of wildlife (plants or animals) mentioned in the extract?

Many children, like the McBains, were born in India and had always lived there. Evenutally, their families would be sent home to England. What was it like when the children went back to England?