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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Transcript of Memorial (D/DLI 7/898/3/5)

Below is a transcript of the memorial (D/DLI 7/898/3/5) Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

The Durham Light Infantry

In memory of the Officers, N.C.Os, men, women and

children of the 2nd Battalion The Durham Light Infantry who died

while the Battalion was quartered at Ghorphuri Poona

from 20th January 1887 to 28th February 1890 and at

Wanowrie Poona from 25th January 1896 to 5th March 1899.


2312 L[an]ce Corp[ora]l A. Smith

2799 Lce Corpl W. H. Jones

1517 P[riva]te J. Duffey

2195 Pte. T. Milne

861 Pte. G. Keans

2436 Pte. W. Waller

2080 Pte. P. Swift

366 Pte. J. Hubbard

1251 Pte. H. W. Cotter

971 Pte. G. Adams

1722 Pte. F. Wade

2547 Pte. W. Mills

1421 Pte. R. Black

1066 Pte. J. Lewis

1481 Pte. L. Robinson

1602 Pte. W. Smith

2324 Pte. E. Stones


Major Henry Rosserter

Capt Alfred William Baker

(while seconded for service in W. Africa)

Lieut. James Murray Davies

1430 C[olour]r Serg[en]t W. J. Watson

5346 Pte. A. Stuart

3575 Serg[en]t H. Thompson

3373 L[an]c[e] Corp[ora]l J. T. Williams

3753 Pte. J.G. Ward

4467 Pte. A. Kingsley

4973 Pte. W. Scarlett

5678 Pte. T. Pegg

5346 Pte. W. Spencer

4396 BG C. Hyde

2110 Pte. T. Grey

3365 Pte. F. Smith

List of Names on Reverse Side of Memorial


1308 Pte. C. Fleming

1636 Pte. J. Jones

2358 Pte. R. Jones

1785 Pte. S. Aivley

2558 Pte. J. Patterson

2370 Pte. J. Livesday

2804 Pte. J. Green

2166 Pte. J. Coates


Hugh McBain

Gladys Splane

Joseph Donaldson

Annie Smith

John Peyton


3568 Pte. S. Clayton

3888 Pte. J. Bagnal

4180 Pte. R. Harrison

4180 Pte. R. Robinson

4436 Pte. C. Warkwill

5172 Pte. C. Littleface

5728 Pte. G. H. Clayton

2416 Pte. W. Kemp

4264 Pte. A. S. Holton

4439 Pte. W. Garbutt

4473 Pte. C. Firthstone

5346 Pte. L. Haleron

5368 Pte. C. Mc Lean

5238 Pte. W. Mc Vulty

4474 Pte. W. Higgins

4497 Pte. H. Hagan

4654 Pte. G. Ansill

1664 Pte. H. Hillier

5410 Pte. T. Pullman

5484 Pte. W. Jones

4729 Pte. H. Edwin

4729 Pte. L. Mallard

4825 Pte. T. George

4842 Pte. I. Gray

5504 Pte. J. S. Kelly

5621 Pte. J. Butler


Julia Taylor

Ettie Lilley

Sarah Snell


Bertha Stuart

Amy Samworth

William Watson

Leslie Stuart

Frederick Samworth

Ellen Long

Rebecca Wallace

B Wallace

James McEwan

Elizabeth Smith