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Transcript of extract from The Bugle 10 Jun 1897

Transcript of a page from 'The Bugle', 10 June 1897. Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

The monsoon broke at Colombo a week

ago and signs that it is close on us here

in Poona are not wanting.

On Saturday last about 6 o'clock a

severe thunderstorm accompanied by a

tremendous wind swept over us.

The "Tempest" lasted about an hour

and considerable damage was done during

that short period. At the Poona

Boat Club the zinc roof of the Boat House

was swept off and a couple of trees near

the landing stage blown down.

On the Polo ground the spectators,

players and ponies after 4 chukkers took

refuge on the principle of any port in a

storm, and the dressing room which is not

very large was packed with refugees, including

the Big Drum of the Band who

had not had time even to commence

their programme.

Whilst later, the Editor (like Scipio

amongst the ruins of Carthage) was to be

seen contemplating with a rueful countenance

his dismantled garden on the heights

of Chota Mahableshwar.

The storm has however certainly cleared

the atmosphere and Sunday morning

was delightfully fresh and cool though it

was very hot and muggy later on.