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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Tudor Character

n this section, you'll create a character based on a real person who lived in Tudor Durham. You can download a booklet to help you record all the different things about your character:

If you've looked at the 'Who Lived There?' section, you'll know that churches in Tudor times (and today) kept books called registers that list all the children christened at that church.

Christenings at Durham, St Oswald's Church (EP/Du.SO 116)
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This is an extract from the christenings register from St Oswald's Church in Durham City. We're going to use it to find some names of real people born in Durham in Tudor times. If you find it hard to read you can view a transcript of the extract.

Because the writing is faded and hard to read, we've made a transcript of baptisms at Durham St Oswald for you to look at. It's split into separate charts for boy and girls, so you can easily pick out which you'd like.

Pick a name from the transcript. Remember that the spellings were different to ours, so you may need to puzzle out some of the names.

When you've chosen a name, write it down with the christening date. Then find out about Tudor Jobs.