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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Transcript of baptisms Durham St Oswald

Selected names taken from Christenings Register at St Oswald's Church, Durham. Please remember that all transcripts show what is written on the page; spelling and grammatical mistakes are not corrected.

Date of ChristeningName
11 November 1547Martane Lane
23 November 1547Wyllm Fysher
1 December 1547Chutbert Mellerbye
2 December 1547Wyllm Bartys
5 January 1548Robert Fayrhalles
26 January 1548Robert Hyrdman
1 March 1548Thomas Hyrdman
4 April 1548John Denom
16 May 1548John Nelson
20 May 1548Rycherd Bargett
20 June 1548Thomas Cottes
6 January 1549George Hoghson
21 January 1549Robert Rawkett
13 May 1549John Wyndifar
13 May 1549Thomas Tones
17 May 1549Robert Claxton
22 December 1549Cuthbert Wattson
10 January 1550Rycherd Rycherdson
21 February 1550Roger Hall
14 March 1550Conand Lawis


Date of ChristeningName
14 November 1547Jennet Pace
21 November 1547Esbell Bowtflor
20 March 1548Betteresse Sharp
24 March 1548Elyner Watson
16 April 1548Margatt Chyylton
4 May 1548Elsebeyth Stawerd
15 May 1548Jennett Horner
30 June 1548Ellener Mallyper
10 November 1548Anne Dawson
4 November 1548Elsebeth Maltby
8 January 1549Allyson Herryson
4 March 1549Margett Stobert
6 March 1549Margarett Brune
4 April 1549Elsebeth Samson
2 June 1549Issebell Boyth
10 June 1549Jane Skott
20 July 1549Margarett Horner
20 September 1549Elsebeth Knyghton
22 September 1549Ellyner Stobert
14 March 1550Annes Stawuerd