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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Early Years

Even very young children can enjoy and learn from archives. These workshops are particularly closely tailored to fit your requirements and the age of your children. We're always keen to liaise and make sure you and your class get the most from the session.

We also have resource boxes, including replica toys and costumes.

Illuminated Letters

Illuminated letter 'G'
Look at some of our oldest, and prettiest, archives. Find out how ordinary letters can be made to look beautiful and have a go at colouring in some of our examples or designing your own.

Local Area

Map of Shadforth, c. 1850
What did your area look like in the past? Find out using photographs and other sources together with the help of our archivist. Sources used will depend on what exists for your area and will be made as fun and accessible as possible for the children.

Toys from the Past

Small boy with ball, 1923 (D/X 1479/17(42))
What were toys like in the past? Were they as much fun as modern toys? Find out using photographs and replica toys.

Clothes from the Past

Edwardian boys (D/X 1145/13(12))
How did children dress in the past? What were their clothes like to wear? Find out using photographs and costumes.


All workshops must be booked in advance.

The cost will be £100 for half a day of workshops. Within this time, we can deliver the same workshop to different classes, different workshops to different classes or work with smaller groups according to your requirements and the age and ability of your children. The length of sessions can be altered to fit your needs.

Sessions can be delivered at the Record Office in County Hall or at your school. Visits to the Record Office allow students to see our strongrooms and original documents. In order to protect the records we care for, we use high quality copies for visits to schools.

All of our sessions can be customised to your own needs. We can even design a workshop just for you! Please contact us to discuss what you need.