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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Key Stage 1

Archives are a fantastic way to help Key Stage 1 children understand some of the ways in which we find out about the past and explore for themselves using accessible sources.

All of our workshops can be customised and adapted so that you and your class get the most from the session. We can even adapt sessions for different age groups entirely, so why not have a look through the lists for other Key Stages?

For further information on any of these workshops, or to discuss building a new workshop to meet your requirements, please contact us.

The Miners' Strike, 1984

Families protesting during Miner's Strike, 1984-85
What was it like to be a child during the strike? Why was there a strike? What happened? Use photographs to answer these questions and any of your own, then make your own poster to support the strike and even take part in a march!

National Curriculum link: Changes within living memory; significant historical events in own locality.

Remembrance Cards

Certificate for service in First World War (D/DLI 7/227/18)
Find out about a local soldier who fought and died in World War 1. Look at some of the remembrance cards that were made to commemorate soldiers and design your own.

National Curriculum link: Events beyond living memory

Illuminated Letters

Illuminated letter 'G'
Look at some of our oldest, and prettiest, archives. Find out how ordinary letters can be made to look beautiful and have a go at colouring in one of our templates or designing your own. Many schools have used the results to make a beautiful display!

Something a little different! Tailor this session to your own requirements. Inspire the children to create a great display or use it in relation to work on Magna Carta or the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Local Area

Map of Shadforth, c. 1850
What did your area look like 100 years ago? Who lived there? Find out using photographs, maps and the Census, together with the help of our archivist. Sources used will depend on what exists for your area and will be made as fun and accessible as possible for the children.

National Curriculum link: Significant historical places in own locality


All workshops must be booked in advance.

The cost will be £100 for half a day of workshops. Within this time, we can deliver the same workshop to different classes, different workshops to different classes or work with smaller groups according to your requirements and the age and ability of your children. The length of sessions can be altered to fit your needs.

Sessions can be delivered at the Record Office in County Hall or at your school. Visits to the Record Office allow students to see our strongrooms and original documents. In order to protect the records we care for, we use high quality copies for visits to schools.

All of our sessions can be customised to your own needs. We can even design a workshop just for you! Please contact us to discuss what you need.