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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Fees and charges


This page gives details of the current charges for services provided by Durham County Record Office, including our digital copying service, research service, talks/visits, school workshops, project delivery and conservation.

Fees and charges 2020/21

All charges are inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

Digital copies

Supplied by web transfer/email, or as jpeg images on CD.
Includes photograph copying and digital scans from microfilm.
Large orders charged at hourly/daily rate.
Postage & packing quotation on request.

Image up to A3 paid via Online Shop - £5
Document up to A3 - £6
Document up to A1 (4 x A3 size) - £12
Document over A1    £20
Hourly rate    £50
Daily rate (7 hours)    £300

Photocopies A3/A4

Available for documents up to A3 in size in suitable format/physical condition. Excludes photograph copying.

Self-service reader-printer - £0.50 per copy
Copies made by staff - order made and collected in DCRO - £0.50 per copy
Single copy made by staff and scanned to email or sent by 2nd class UK post - £5 per copy

Multiple copies (10 or more) made by staff and scanned to email or sent by 2nd class UK post. Please ask for a quotation (£50 per hour)

Quick Search and copy

A quick search covers, for example, a search of a single year in a parish register, or a specific address on a census or electoral register. It also includes provision of a timeline for a DLI battalion. 

Quick search and supply of a photocopy - £5
Quick search and supply of a high-quality colour digital copy - £12
Quick search and supply of a certified copy or marriage certificate - £12

Research service 

For longer or more complex enquiries. Professional researchers with extensive experience in local and family history and military research.

Hourly rate    £35

Ordnance Survey maps (over 50 years old) and tithe plans

Copying of Ordnance Survey maps less than 50 years old is restricted by Crown copyright.

Digital copy - £12
A3 extract ordered and collected in the Record Office search room - £5

Use of customer's own digital camera

Excludes copying of photographs, microfilms, Ordnance Survey maps or Tithe plans.

Digital camera permit (daily rate) - £15

Digitisation service  

Specialist copying of your own books, prints, maps, photographs and documents. Please ask for a quotation.

Hourly rate - £50
Daily rate (7 hours) - £300

Reproduction fees

You must seek permission to publish documents held in Durham County Record Office. This includes publication on websites, social media like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, and for exhibitions. Please ask for a quotation.

Archive conservation

Conservation of your own books, prints, maps, photographs and documents. Please ask for a quotation.

Hourly rate - £50
Daily rate (7 hours) - £300

Talks and visits

Standard talk/visit (up to 1.5 hours) - £60
Customised talk/visit - £100
School workshop - £100

Development and delivery of projects or workshops

Hourly rate - £50
Daily rate (7 hours) - £300

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