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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

How do I find out what records you keep?

All our catalogues are online. 'Collections Search' or 'Quick Links' on the Home page will take you to Search the Catalogue: 

Search the Catalogue

Scroll down to 'Refine Options' and click on the Catalogue Title drop-down arrow to reveal a list of all our catalogue titles. You can scroll down the list for an overview of what records we hold. Select a title and click 'Search' to view the relevant catalogue(s). The Results List displays clickable links to all relevant catalogue(s).

For a more structured overview of our collections click on the 'Catalogue Category' drop-down arrow. This reveals a list of 14 separate categories, such as Ecclesiastical Parish Records or Estate and Family Records.  Select a category and click 'Search' to see a Results List with clickable links to all relevant catalogue titles.

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