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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Key Stage 4

Our archives are a great way for Key Stage 4 students to get to grips with a range of interesting, engaging and locally relevant sources. Depending on your requirements, we can offer a structured session, looking at sources together in depth, or an open research session for students to pursue their own lines of enquiry.

All of our workshops can be customised and adapted so that you and your class get the most from the session and we are particularly keen to do this for students of this age. We can even adapt sessions for different age groups entirely, so why not have a look through the lists for other Key Stages?

For further information on any of these workshops, or to discuss building a new workshop to meet your requirements, please contact us.

Surviving Belsen

Female survivor at Belsen (D/DLI 7/404/68)
See the Holocaust through the eyes of the local men who helped liberate Belsen in 1945. Find out what they, and the survivors, had to say about it through their photographs and accounts.

Local Men in Flanders' Fields: Tracing a World War 1 soldier

Soldier writing a letter in a trench
Explore World War 1 through the eyes of a local soldier. What was his life like before the war? What happened to him? Find out using the Census, army records and photographs. The sources used will vary according to what survives for each soldier being investigated. Our archivist will liaise with the class teacher in selecting the soldier and your input is welcome.

Open Research Workshops

List of people receiving poor relief in Stockton, c.1730 (EP/Sto 42)
These workshops can be based on almost anything at all! Have a friendly chat with our archivist, who will advise you on what sources we have and work with you to design the visit that you need. Typically, we select a range of relevant sources and the students then use these to answer pre-arranged questions. We can also show the students how to search our database, so that they can identify and request archives themselves.


All workshops must be booked in advance.

As a guide, workshops last 2 hours and cost £100 each, though the length can be altered as required. If required, a condensed version of each workshop can be delivered in an hour and we could deliver up to three of these for £100.

Sessions can be delivered at the Record Office in County Hall or at your school. Visits to the Record Office allow students to see our strongrooms and original documents. In order to protect the records we care for, we use high quality copies for visits to schools.

All of our sessions can be customised to your own needs. We can even design a workshop just for you! Please contact us to discuss what you need.