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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Map Layers

You can use 'Map Layers' to add information to the map. As you add layers, coloured icons are added to an Ordnance Survey map background to indicate the position of various features.


Map layers are organised into categories. Select a category to reveal a list of associated map layers.

Adding Map Layers

To add a layer to the map, click the add checkbox that appears next to your chosen layer. The key icon will be added to the map to indicate all of the points where your chosen features are located.

Please note that a maximum of three layers can be added to the map at any one time.

Removing Map Layers

To remove a layer from the map, simply uncheck the box next to your chosen map layer. This will remove the feature. To remove all layers click the 'Clear Layers' tool, which is located in the toolbar below the map.