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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

My Nearest

Use the 'My Nearest' function to search for features that are near to a particular postcode, town or street.

Please Note: In order to use the 'my nearest' function, you must have added at least one layer to the map. See 'Adding Map Layers' for details. Please note that a maximum of three layers can be added to the map at any one time.

Searching for Nearby Features

Once map layers have been added to the map, the 'My Nearest' function will display 'loaded layers' as a list. Start by selecting one of the loaded layers in which you would like to find your nearest feature.

Next, choose the 'type of search' you require, for example; postcode, town or street. Finally, enter a keyword and click the 'Search' button.

In some cases, where two locations are similar, you will be asked to confirm the location which best suits your search, simply click on the postcode, town or street name which is most relevant to you.

Search Results

The results of the search will be displayed as a list of features. Click on the name of the feature which interests you, to place it in the centre of the map. The mapping system will advise you of the distance of the feature from the search criteria you have entered.

If you require further information about a particular feature, you need to select the 'Identify' tool and then click on the feature that is showing on the map. Click on the 'more info' link to take you back to the relevant information on the county council website, (where available).