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Barnard Castle St. Mary Roman Catholic Parish

Reference: RC/BC

Catalogue Title: Barnard Castle St. Mary Roman Catholic Parish

Area: Catalogue

Category: Non-Conformist Church Records


Covering Dates:  -

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Catalogue Index

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Catalogue Description

Records of the Roman Catholic parish of Barnard Castle,

St. Mary, deposited on long-term loan

17 October 1995 Acc: 2330(D)

County Record Office
County Hall

Catalogue Contents


Register of baptisms, 29 March 1847 - 11 November 1869
Document format of RC/BC 1/1

Register of baptisms, 15 January 1870 - 27 May 1883
Document format of RC/BC 1/2

Register of baptisms, 3 June 1883 - 10 November 1907
Document format of RC/BC 1/3

Register of marriages, 4 October 1856 - 9 October 1869
Document format of RC/BC 1/4

Register of marriages, 11 May 1870 - 14 June 1950
Document format of RC/BC 1/5

Register of deaths, January 1860 - 11 May 1874
Document format of RC/BC 1/6

Register of deaths, 14 July 1874 - 25 July 1896
Document format of RC/BC 1/7

Register of burials for Barnard Castle RC Cemetery, 13 February 1886 - 2 May 1892
Document format of RC/BC 1/8

Register of deaths, with plan of St. Mary's RC Cemetery, 19 September 1896 - 2 August 1974
Document format of RC/BC 1/9

Catholic Records Classification Scheme (Ref: RC/BC 1-15)



Church fabric and property

Parish accounts

Parish organisations

Fraternities, sodalities and church societies (including S.V.P.)



Schools and education

Not used 11 Not used

Not used

Not used 14 Not used


(Ref: RC/BC 2/1)



Register of confirmations, 18 July 1861 - 16 May 1978
Document format of RC/BC 2/1

Prenuptial enquiries (Ref: RC/BC 2/2-4)

Pre-nuptial enquiry forms (completed), 1949-1951
Document format of RC/BC 2/2

Pre-nuptial enquiry forms (completed), September 1952 - March 1957
Document format of RC/BC 2/3

Prenuptial enquiry forms (completed), 24 September 1952 - 3 March 1957
Document format of RC/BC 2/4

Miscellaneous (Ref: RC/BC 2/5-6)

Journal originally kept by Rev. Thomas Knuckley, concerning events in the parish, 1928-1967 Includes: list of priests formerly serving the parish, 1847-1929; notes relating to the previous RC church in Ware Street and the priests' house in Queen Street, Barnard Castle, 1849-1931 For enclosures see: RC/BC 2/6, RC/BC 15/1
Document format of RC/BC 2/5

Notice of Visitation by the Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle to St. Mary, Barnard Castle, 25 September 1932
Document format of RC/BC 2/6


Parish collection book, 1929 - 1947
Document format of RC/BC 4/1


Minute book of the meetings of managers of St. Mary's Catholic School, 30 November 1904 - 24 March 1969
Document format of RC/BC 9/1

Agenda and minutes of the governors of St. Mary's School, 11 April 1973 - 27 July 1981
Document format of RC/BC 9/2

Agenda and minutes of the governors of St. Mary's School, head-teacher's reports, agenda of St. Mary's School annual meeting of parents, minutes of St. Mary's school staffing committee meeting; also notes and circulars relating to the various meetings, 10 June 1986 - 13 September 1991
Document format of RC/BC 9/3

Agenda and minutes (with annotations) of the governors of St. Mary's RC School, head-teacher's reports; also notes relating to the meetings, 10 June 1986 - 8 November 1991


Newspaper cutting [from Teesdale Mercury?], containing an article 'Teesdale Record Society - proceedings; a papal indulgence for Barnard Castle', n.d. [1938]
Document format of RC/BC 15/1