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Group photograph of 'D' Company, 1st Ba...
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Reference: D/DLI 2/1/81(17)

Group photograph of 'D' Company, 1st Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, taken at Shanghai, China, January 1938 Back row: Privates T. Charlton, T. Coulthard, J. Ireland, W. Cooper, J. Thompson, S. Lant, J. Wayper, D. Metcalfe, G. Button, J. Raison, W. Rogerson, J. Cummings, J. Daniels, W. Oytson, T. Potts, A. Riley, G. Kent, and T. Parker Fifth row: Privates G. Keith, C. Wilkinson, E. Baylen, C. Griffin, T. Thornthwaite, J. Atkin, A. Hay, R. McKenna, W. Massey, W. Sendor, W. Curry, J. McManzie, W. Jose, G. Calvert, G. Smith, J. Reeves, and A. Gould Fourth row: Privates G. Elliot, L. Wills, J. Otterwel, W. Underwood, J. Henderson, G. Cummings, T. Cooper, J. McDonald, F. Porter, J. Reed, W. Callaghan, B. Brown, A. Pollock, H. Gardner, K. Bowser, and T. Green Third row: Privates W. Johnson, E. Pereira, R. Johnson, J. Beech, T. Lough, G. Wilson, O. Baker, H. Bellerby, A. Gardner, N. Murphy, F. Rowe, H. Dobson, E. Ramsey, A. Ryan, R. Quinn, R. Ramage, R. Bell, and G. Hall Second row: Privates G. Cooper, J. McKinlay, and W. Moss, Lance-Corporals J. Hood, N. Hunter, S. Oliver, D. Clarke, and J. Benson, Privates F. Rochester, J. Tomlinson, G. Young, W. Tokell, N. Winter, and J. Scott Front row: Lance-Corporal J. Rooney, Corporal T. Scott, Corporal F. McCormick, Sergeant R. Nicholson, Sergeant J. O'Brien, Company Sergeant-Major A. Jennings, Lieutenant Lyster-Todd, Captain Johnston, Second-Lieutenant Taylor, Colour-Sergeant E. Thrift, Sergeant N. Rose, Sergeant G. Fox, Corporal A. Weatherall, Lance-Corporal J. Drummond, Lance-Corporal S. Lester

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