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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Current exhibitions at the Record Office

'Running with the DLI' and 'Pasmore and Peterlee'

Our entrance corridor now features two new exhibitions on display from July 2019 to March 2020.

Running with the DLI

To coincide with the Durham City Run festival on 25th to 27th July, a display of historical photographs of running events has gone on show at Durham County Record Office.

Gil Maughan, 1st Battalion DLI, running at a battalion athletics meeting, Germany, June 1962 (D/DLI 2/1/285(417)


The display, of photos from the Durham Light Infantry archive, features 50 years of running events held in the UK, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Germany between 1910 and 1962.

On the left Major Gil Maughan is shown competing in a battalion athletics meeting while the 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry was stationed in Berlin in June 1962.

Pasmore and Peterlee

Fifty years ago NASA's Apollo 11 moon mission coincided with the opening of Peterlee's centrepiece, the abstract public art structure now known as the Apollo Pavilion.

Housing in south west Peterlee, designed by Victor Pasmore about 1961 (NT/Pe 7/5/3/53(6))
Although this controversial concrete structure was not referred to as the Apollo Pavilion until 2002, British artist and architect Victor Pasmore (1908-1998) had wanted to name his creation after the Apollo expedition as soon as it was unveiled in July 1969.

One section of this exhibition looks at the story of the Apollo Pavilion from the first designs to its restoration in 2009. It includes plans for a second pavilion by Pasmore that was never built.

A second section, 'Pasmore and Peterlee', examines Victor Pasmore's wider contribution to the development of Peterlee new town.

Begun in 1948, the aim of the new town was to retain the comradeship of the colliery villages it replaced, yet a proper town centre wasn't built for more than 10 years after the first tenants moved in.

In 1955 the Peterlee Development Corporation appointed Pasmore to cast a fresh eye on the housing in the south west area of the town. Photographs and designs for his distinctive Sunny Blunts Estate are taken from the Aycliffe and Peterlee New Towns archive preserved in Durham County Record Office.

Visitor information

Both exhibitions are free and open to members of the public from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday until March 2020 (excluding bank holidays and Christmas to New Year closure). 

They are located in County Hall, Durham, DH1 5UL. Staff at the public entrance will direct you to the Record Office which is on the lower ground floor.

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