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County Durham remembers VE Day 1945

'We have come through' - remembering VE Day 1945: an online exhibition from Durham County Record Office commemorating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe on 8 May 1945

Soldiers from B Company, 9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry in Kangaroo armoured carrier, Germany, late March 1945 (D/DLI Acc: 10050)

'We have come through' - remembering VE Day 1945

Discover County Durham's experience of VE Day in 1945.

Curated by Steve Shannon, military researcher at Durham County Council's archive service, this exhibition tells the stories of Durham Light Infantry (DLI) soldiers serving in Europe and South East Asia from April to September 1945, and how victory was celebrated at home in County Durham.

Roy Griffiths 9 DLI (PDF, 106kb)

Exhibition contents

 1. 'We have come through' - Remembering VE Day 1945
 2. 9th Battalion DLI: From D-Day to Berlin
 3. 9th Battalion DLI: VE Day
 4. 9th Battalion DLI: In Berlin, June - September 1945
 5. Berlin Victory Parade, 7 September 1945
 6. Victory Parade at Belsen, 8 May 1945
 7. The Northern Echo, Victory edition, 9 May 1945
 8. 2nd Battalion DLI: Burma 1945
 9. 2nd Battalion DLI: Rangoon Victory Parade, 15 June 1945
10. VE Day and the Durham Miners' Association
11. VE Day and Durham Schools
12. County Durham celebrates VE Day
13. Haswell Victory Celebrations, 1945
14. Soldier: Victory Souvenir edition, 8 May 1945
15. Parade: European Victory edition, 26 May 1945
16. VE Day not forgotten by one Spennymoor family
17. County Durham celebrates VJ Day
18. Victory Day, 8 June 1946

Images © reproduced with kind permission of: 

  • Trustees of the former DLI
  • Newsquest Media Group Ltd  
  • Newcastle Chronicle and Journal
  • Durham Miners' Association
  • Beamish Museum.

VE Day in Durham is one of our archive resource packs for schools. Find it on our Home learning page, which contains free resources and worksheets to help Key Stage 2 children (aged 7 to 11).

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