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The Northern Echo, Victory edition, 9 May 1945

Part of an online exhibition from Durham County Record Office commemorating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe on 8 May 1945

Soldiers from B Company, 9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry in Kangaroo armoured carrier, Germany, late March 1945 (D/DLI Acc: 10050)

VE Day celebrations in Sunderland certainly took one Fulwell resident by surprise. 

The 'Shells Fall on Sunderland' story appeared on page 3 of 'The Northern Echo' newspaper the next day, 9 May 1945.

The Northern Echo, 9 May 1945 - The ‘Shells Fall on Sunderland’ story was on page 3 of this edition (D/DLI 14/3/54)
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Shells Fall on Sunderland

'The last shots of the war so far as Sunderland is concerned were fired yesterday afternoon shortly after Mr Churchill's speech. They were apparently the result of an unofficial celebration, probably on the part of the crew of some ship lying in the port. A number of 20mm Orlikon shells fell in the Fulwell district, but no reports have been received of anyone being hurt. Mrs R Lord, of Osborne Street, was listening to the wireless when a shell went through the roof and became embedded in the ceiling of the kitchen, but fortunately it did not explode. It was removed by a neighbour.'







'The Northern Echo', 9 May 1945 (D/DLI 14/3/54). Image © reproduced with kind permission of Newsquest Media Group Ltd.

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