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Arts Award Discover at Home

Using logbook at homeIlluminated capital P (D/Ed 13/3/2)Miner by Tom Lamb (Library Pamphlet D 4_page 14)Paddling at Seaton Carew (D/Wa 3/6/46(40))

What is Discover at Home?
1. Exploring art
2. Having a go
3. Investigating an artist
4. Sharing your work
What next?

What is Discover at Home?

Discover at Home is an exciting opportunity for families to explore arts and culture together, guided by our resources and videos.

Children and young people aged five to 25 can earn their Arts Award Discover certificate by working through our logbook and returning it to us. We have a series of videos on this website to guide you.

You can find out more on the Arts Award website.

The Discover at Home logbook

As a special offer we have funding from Arts Council England to cover moderation costs for the first 50 logbooks to be returned to the Record Office. After that, we will need to charge £6 per book in order to cover the costs of moderation. So, why not get started today?

Logbook cover

Download your copy of the Discover at Home logbook (PDF, 1Mb).


If you have difficulty editing the logbook, for example on a mobile phone,
use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Now find out about Discover at Home and what you'll be doing on your Arts Award journey.

Introduction to Discover at Home - transcript (PDF, 90kb)

Section 1 - Exploring art

Discover the art all around us. Start by having a look at the video, then complete Section 1 of the logbook.

Exploring art - Transcript (PDF, 99kb)

Section 2 - Having a go

Explore some archives from our collections, with related art activities. Show us how creative you can be! 

Having a go - Transcript (PDF, 96kb)

Section 3 - Investigating an artist

Find out about a local artist, Tom Lamb from Craghead near Stanley. He was a miner in the mid twentieth century and his pictures tell us a lot about what it was really like to work underground.

Investigating an artist - Transcript (PDF, 85kb)

Section 4 - Sharing your work

Now it's time to think about what we've done and learned, then share it with someone else.

Sharing your work - Transcript (PDF, 87kb)

What next

When you've finished, you need to send your logbook to the Record Office at County Hall.

The best way to do this is by email, sending photos of the art work that you've done to go with it. If the files are too large, you can use a file transfer website such as WeTransfer.

If you need to post your work, you'll find our address on our contact us page.

Please make sure you fill in your date of birth and contact details, as we'll need these to apply for your certificate from Trinity College and get it sent to you. 

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