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Durham County Record Office: the official archive service for County Durham and Darlington

Home learning

In response to the coronavirus crisis we've created some free Key Stage 2 (KS2) home learning packs for parents and teachers to download.

All are designed for children aged 7-11 (Years 3-6).

Home Learning resources in use_Child Miners     Home Learning resources in use_Aycliffe Angels

Mining in the Durham coalfield

Child Miners

William Laws worked at Blackboy Colliery near Coundon Grange in 1842. Aged only ten, he had already been working there for two years when he was interviewed as part of a government investigation into child labour in factories and mines.

Find out more about William, his life and family using archives from the time, including an account of his daily life given by William himself. 

Child Miners home learning
Trapper boy, from Commissioners' Report on Child Labour, 1842 (Library G 249)

Child Miners home learning pack (PDF, 1Mb)

You can also visit our online mining exhibition Celebrating Gala Day 2020 to discover more about this topic.

World War 2 in County Durham

Aycliffe Angels

Find out what life was like for the women who worked at the Royal Ordnance Factory in Aycliffe during the Second World War, using photographs and accounts given by the women themselves.

Discover more about Phoebe Morland, who was tragically killed in 1942.

Aycliffe Angels home learning resource
Employees at Royal Ordnance Factory Aycliffe (D/X 1822/60/1(8))

Aycliffe Angels home learning pack (PDF, 1Mb)

VE Day in Durham

Explore how the people of County Durham celebrated VE Day using our archives, including a photograph of a street party in Brunswick Street, Darlington, and newspaper accounts of celebrations around the county.

This booklet was produced in partnership with our colleagues at Education Durham and includes advice for teachers on integrating the archives into their lessons.

VE Day Archive Resource Pack
VE Day street party in Brunswick Street, Darlington, 1945 (D/X 1822/16) Image © reproduced with kind permission of Newsquest Media Group Ltd.

VE Day in Durham: archive resource pack (PDF, 4Mb)


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