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Baptisms, marriages and burials after 1812

Examples of baptism and burial entries from the parish registers of Haughton le Skerne, St. Andrew, 1880-1882, and marriage entries from the parish register of Durham St. Giles, 1826.

In 1813 separate registers for baptisms, marriages and burials, in a set format, were introduced throughout England and Wales.

Here are three pages from the registers of Haughton le Skerne, St. Andrew, and Durham St. Giles, showing typical baptism, marriage and burial entries.

;Baptism entries, Haughton-le-Skerne, St. Andrew, 1881/82 (EP/HaS 5) - Copyright © Durham County Record Office.Marriage entries, 1826, Durham, St. Giles, 1826 (EP/Du.SG 13) Burial entries, Haughton-le-Skerne, St. Andrew, 1880/81 (EP/HaS 10) - Copyright © Durham County Record Office.;

From 1813 onwards baptism registers give the name of the child, the christian names and surname of the parents, the father's occupation and address and by whom the ceremony was performed.

Marriage registers give the names and parishes of the parties, the date and place of marriage, whether by banns or licence, whether with consent of parents or guardians, and the name of the officiating minister. Also given are the names of the witnesses and signatures or marks of the spouses.

Burial registers give the date of burial, name, age and abode of the deceased and by whom the ceremony was performed.

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