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Information about Police records in Durham County Record Office

Durham County Constabulary

;Group of police officers from Jarrow Division, 1903 (CCP 13/258) - Copyright © Durham County Record OfficePoliceman, circa 1910 (D/MRP 40/11) - Copyright © Durham County Record Office


We hold a series of Durham County Constabulary General Order Books, which include references to appointments, promotions, transfers, etc., of individual officers.

There is also a collection of  record cards/sheets for deceased officers.;

Access to records relating to individual police officers is restricted for 85 years, under Data Protection legislation.

Where a volume contains personal information that is less than 85 years old, you will not be able to look at the volume yourself. You can apply for access through our research service.

Durham County Constabulary records - online catalogue

Durham City Police

We also hold a collection of records for the City of Durham police force (ref. Du 1/59), which was absorbed into the county force by 1921.

Durham City Police records - online catalogue