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War Horse

Following the release of the blockbuster Spielberg film "War Horse" in January 2012 and the successful stage adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's book, Durham County Record Office presents a story of war horses from the North East in World War One. This album contains photographs and extracts from the diary of Sergeant George Thompson of Sunderland who enlisted in the 7th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry in 1910. Three generations of the Thompson family had worked at the Vaux Brewery in Sunderland where George probably worked with the dray horses. In April 1915 he went to France and drove limber wagons carrying rations and ammunition to the front line. His concern for his horses is evident throughout the diary you will see here and, remarkably, one horse survived until the end of the war.

Water cart stuck in mud, St. Eloi, 1917 (Ref No. D/DLI 2/8/61(9))

To see an enlarged photograph click on a thumbnail and wait for the viewer to load. Hover your mouse over the sides of an enlarged photograph to see buttons; click 'previous' or 'next' to move between photographs in this album. Click 'close' to return to this screen.

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