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2nd Battalion DLI: Rangoon Victory Parade, 15 June 1945

Part of an online exhibition from Durham County Record Office commemorating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe on 8 May 1945

; Soldiers from B Company, 9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry in Kangaroo armoured carrier, Germany, late March 1945 (D/DLI Acc: 10050) ;

The 'Burma Bugle', 'B' Company, 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry's magazine, printed in Rangoon, August 1945 (D/DLI 2/2/83) describes the battalion's part in the Rangoon Victory Parade:

;Detail from programme, Rangoon Victory Parade, Burma, 15 June 1945 (D/DLI 7/833/1)'The Battalion, as a whole, "Did its Bit" by taking part in the Rangoon Victory Parade. Everyone looked bright and shining when we left barracks, almost every man wearing his newly issued [uniform]... and Burma Star ribbons. But when Lord Louis [Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander] arrived, some two hours after we had been drawn up on parade in a muddy field near the Shwedagon Pagoda, it began to rain. It rained so hard that within a couple of minutes we looked as though we had just been dragged out of a river. We marched past, shivering, half-blinded by the rain, our boots full of water - and were told by spectators that we looked very nice.';

;Cover of programme, Rangoon Victory Parade, Burma (D/DLI 7/833/1)

Programme, Rangoon Victory Parade, Burma, 15 June 1945 (D/DLI 7/833/1)Programme, Rangoon Victory Parade, Burma, 15 June 1945 (D/DLI 7/833/1).;

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